Building a Custom New Home in a Few Easy Steps

A couple going over a building contract with a builder Often people who are looking for a custom builder do so because they haven't got the time nor the desire to manage the process themselves. That's understandable as building a luxury home can seem daunting and requires knowledge of the building process from start to end.

新2皇冠mobileAPP knows what it takes to build beautiful, unique homes and with years and years of experience we are able to provide the expertise and guidance to ensure your home building experience is as pleasant as possible. You only have to look  at our reviews to know our clients are happy.

When you engage with 新2皇冠mobileAPP Melbourne you have the option for us to take your new home ideas from concept to completion; you entrust us to manage the complete process and have you involved every step of the way. Below we outline the 7 steps in making your dream home a reality. If you're already wanting to talk then call us on 新2皇冠mobileAPP.

Let us make your home design and building experience stress free with our Concept to Completion Service.

1. Introduction (1 st  Meeting) Call us on  新2皇冠mobileAPP
At this meeting, we, in conjunction with our home building designer, will discuss your new home ideas and any special requirements you may have. It is always helpful to bring as much information as possible to this meeting, including your home design scrap book and land details.

If required we can arrange for an on-site assessment of your block to gauge any details that may impact your home design.

By the end of this meeting you will have a good idea of what can be achieved on your block of land. Our intention would be to provide you with an initial home concept design, soil report and site levels within 2 weeks.

2. Client Brief (2 nd  Meeting)
Once the design concept is drawn up, we will have a follow up meeting to discuss the concept and any changes that will be required. There may be a number of changes made to your plans before you can sign off as final.

Preliminary cost estimates will be provided once we finalise the concept plans. As part of this process we will also advise of any cost issues with the design and recommendations to reduce potential cost issues going forward. At this meeting we also discuss your required inclusions  for your fixtures and fittings.

3. Plan sign off
Once the floor plans are accepted as final, we will be in a position to progress to final working plans. With the working plans finished, they will be re-costed to give a more accurate price to build.

Upon acceptance of the working plans as final, the remaining documents can be completed. This will include engineering plans and house energy reports and any other documents required to obtain an building permit.

4. Contract
新2皇冠mobileAPP use fixed price contracts. Once we receive full documentation your plans are tendered to our suppliers and a fixed price to build is then issued. This along with your requested inclusions will be the contract price and specification.

5. Building Permits
The building permits can be arranged upon signing of the building contracts. Woman holding small house in her hand

6. Construction
With contracts signed, warranty insurance issued and a building permit received, your home will be scheduled for a start date; generally within 3 – 6 weeks of contract signing and receipt of the building permit.

7. Completion
Your home has reached final completion and is ready to be handed over. This is the step that has you smiling and very very excited!

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